Conference Abstracts

  • Abstract Preparation:

    We will make a conference abstract book consisting of abstracts of to-be-spoken talks in advance.
    Every speaker should submit abstract in English or Korean ; 1 ~ 2 pages
  • Abstract Format:

    LaTeX, Msword(doc), Hwp(hangul) templates for extended abstract are provided below.
    You should use one of the following templates. If you have any problem with the files, please send an email to  KSIAM
    Templates in English:
    Templates in Korean:
  • Abstract Upload:

    Every paper should be submitted in Portable Document Format (pdf).
    Please use the On-Line Registration form to submit the title and extended abstract of your talk.
  • Abstract book:

    Every registered participant can get a hard copy of the conference abstract book at the conference registration desk.
  • Creating a Portable Document Format(pdf) File

    • Install and select a PostScript printer driver.
      We recommend  Adobe Systems' PostScript Driver. In your word processor, on the File menu, click Print.
      Select the PostScript printer which will be used to generate the file.
      Select the Print to File check box, and then click OK.
      In the File name box, type a file name. The file is saved with a '.prn' extension by default. Rename the file to give it the extension '.ps'.

      PostScript-to-PDF converter :  ps2pdf,  www.ps2pdf.com