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Aims and Scope

The journal of the Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics(J-KSIAM) is published by the Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics(KSIAM). This aims to publish research articles that deal with scientific or engineering problems by using a variety of mathematical methods. Computational results demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed techniques are also included.

Indexing and Abstracting Services

The journal is one of Korea Citation Indexed (KCI) journals since 2007 and is indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) since 2017.  

Journal Sections

Beginning from Volume 19, 2015, the journal (J-KSIAM) introduces several new sections in addition to the traditional "Research article" section. The "Review and survey" section features papers with an integrative and up-to-date perspective on a major topic in applied and industrial mathematics. The "Mathematics in Industry" section focuses on mathematical problems that companies are confronting with today. This section offers an overview of recent advances and current challenges in active research areas in industries. The "Communications in mathematics and engineering" section encourages authors to communicate with members in different field of interest by presenting new ideas and experimental suggestions. The "Software and Education" section constists of self-containded presentations regarding scientific softwares or specific topics for teaching in applied and computational sciences. An article in this section may include supplementary materials needed for teaching or presentation such as source codes or large set of data which will be available in electronic format from the journal website.


  • Editor-in-Chief
    • Choe, Hi Jun : partial differential equation :
      Department of Mathematics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
  • Associate Editor-In-Chief
    • Chen, Zhiming : Numerical analysis and scientific computing :
      Institute of Computational Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, China
    • Bae, Hyeong-Ohk : PDE : Ajou University, Suwon, Korea
    • Tang, Tao : CFD, Scientific Computation, Numerical PDE :
      Depf. of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
  • Managing Editors (Contact E-mail Address:
    • Choi, Min Seok : Scientific Machine Learning : POSTECH, Korea
    • Jung, Jae Hoon : Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing : Ajou University, Korea
    • Yun, Gun Jin : Computational Structural Mechanics : Seoul Natl University, Korea
  • Editorial Board for 2021 Alphabetical order)
    • Ahn, Hyung Taek : Computational fluid dynamics : University of Ulsan
    • Ahn, Jaemyung : Optimization : KAIST
    • Cho, Jin-Yeon : Computational Structure Mechanics : Inha University
    • Ha, Tae Young : Numerical Analysis, Inverse Problems: NIMS
    • Han, Pigong : PDE : Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    • Hodges, Dewey : Aero-elasticity, Computational mechanics : Georgia Tech., USA
    • Kim, Hyea Hyun : Domain decomposition : Kyung Hee University
    • Kim, Jeong-ho : Computational Structure Mechanics : Inha University
    • Kim, Junseok : Computational fluid dynamics : Korea University
    • Kim, Kyu Hong : Computational fluid dynamics : Seoul Natl University
    • Kim, Yunho : Image Proceesing, Inverse Problems : UNIST
    • Lee, Chang Hyeong : Biomathematics & Epidemic Modeling : UNIST
    • Lee, Eunjung : Numerical Analysis : Yonsei University
    • Lee, June-Yub : Numerical Analysis, Inverse Problems : Ewha w. University
    • Lee, Jihoon : Applied Analaysis, PDE : Chung-Ang University
    • Lee, Seunggyu : Scientific Computing  : Gyeongsang National University
    • Lee, Wanho : Bio-mathematics :  NIMS
    • Li, Zhilin : CFD, Numerical Analysis : North Carolina State University, USA
    • Liu, Hongyu : Applied analysis, PDE : Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
    • Ma, Yong-Ki : Financial Mathematics : Kongju National University
    • Min, Chohong : Computational mathematics : Ewha w. University
    • Shin, Sang Joon : Fluid-structure Interaction, Comp. Mechanics : Seoul Natl University
    • Sohn, Sung-Ik : Gangneung-Wonju Natl University, Korea
    • Wang, Zhi Jian : CFD and Computational Aeroacoustics : University of Kansas, USA
  • Manuscript Preparation.

    Beginning January 1, 2008, Journal of the Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (J.KSIAM) uses a new paper format. The templates for the new paper format (MS word template and LaTeX template) can be downloaded from the KSIAM website (URL:

    To keep the review time as short as possible, J.KSIAM requests all authors to submit their manuscripts online via the journal's web site, except for very special circumstances that J.KSIAM recognizes.

    All manuscripts submitted to J.KSIAM should follow the instructions for authors and use the template files. Manuscripts should be written in English and typed on A4-sized papers. The first page of the manuscript must include (1) the title which should be short, descriptive and informative, (2) the name(s) and address(es) of the author(s) along with e-mail address(es), (3)~the abstract which should summarize the manuscript and be at least one complete sentence and at most 300 words. The manuscript should also include as a footnote the 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification by the American Mathematical Society, followed by a list of key words and phrases.

  • Final Manuscript Submission and Copyright.

    To facilitate prompt turnarounds of author proofs and early placements of the accepted manuscripts in the future issues, J.KSIAM requests all authors of the accepted manuscripts to submit the electronic text/graphics file(s). The final manuscript must be submitted in either the \LaTeX\ format or the MS word format. We recommend that all authors use the template files which can be downloaded at In the case that the corresponding author does not submit all relevant electronic text/graphics, further producing process regarding his/her manuscript would be stopped. The final manuscripts for publication should be sent to an appropriate managing editor via the Online Submission System.

    Please note that the submission of the final manuscript implies that the author(s) are agreeing to be bound by the KSIAM Provisions on Copyright. Use the following Copyright Transfer Agreement form in MS-Word or HWP format when you submit your manuscript.

  •  Offprints.

    J. KSIAM supplies a final version of published paper in PDF form to a corresponding author. Authors are allowed to reproduce their own papers from the PDF file. Reprints of published paper can be also supplied at the approximate cost of production on request. For details, please contact one of managing editors.

    Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
    Room 405, Industry-University Research Center, Yonsei Univ.
    Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03722, Korea
    Tel : +82(2)2123-8078 e-mail :

Journal format and Submission

Subscription and Reprint charge

  • All subscriptions are on a calendar-year basis. Back issues will be mailed on orders received after January 1. Prior year subscriptions will be charged at the current year's prices. Subscription rate is $30/year for individuals, $150/year for domestic university libraries, and $300/year for foreign/industrial institutions. Discounts or free subscriptions are available to KSIAM members. See the details about online subcription payment from Membship Page.
  • The KSIAM offers an electronic version of the journal containing all archived articles since Volume 1 in 1997. As of December 2014, the electronic journal in the CD contains not just 382 PDF files in 18 volumes 51 issues but also a searchable database of title, keywords, and etc. It will help a user to get a prospect of industrial and applied mathematics in Korea (and elsewhere) and we hope the searchable DB is a valuable resource for industrial and applied mathematicians. The cost of the CD version is 800,000KRW (around US$800) and you may order it via the webpage
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    • International Swift Code : HVBKKRSEXXX
    • Depositor : KSIAM(사단법인한국산업응용수학회)
  • Online payment for paper charge and reprints(credit card or money transfer)
  • Online payment for paper charge and reprints (via EXIMBAY: Without ActiveX for foreigners)