All KSIAM members are invited to participate this meeting. Also scientists from industries, research institutes or academic institutes, domestic or abroad, and students interested in Industrial and Applied Mathematics are welcome. Your participation shall contribute to sharing research problems in industries and applied mathematics, and future collaborlation between applied mathematicians and scientists from various areas of industries and related research institutes.

  • Special Session Talks:

    If you are interested in contributing to special themes, please contact one of special session organizers managing the session you are interested in. If you are interested in giving a contributed talk, please see below.
  • Contributed Talks:

    Contributions are welcome from all areas of the conference themes. Every contributed talk will be scheduled for 20 minutes including questions and answers. Please use the On-Line Registration form to submit the talk title and abstract (1~2 pages) of your talk.
  • Poster Presentations:

      We are going to display posters on the site. Participants onsite should bring a printed copy of the poster. Posters of online participants will be printed by the secretariat.
      The poster dimensions are 90 cm (width) X 120 cm(height).
      Posters are welcome from all areas of the conference themes. Please use the On-Line Registration form to submit the title and abstract(1~2 pages).

안내사항 Guide


1. KSIAM Program Pamphlet : 발표제목 클릭시 세션장 입장가능 

You can enter the session hall by clicking on the presentation title

2. 초록집 Abstract Book

3. ZOOM user guide

[온라인 참여방법 3가지]

1. ZOOM ‘회의참가’ 클릭후 아래 세션장별 접속ID 입력 

2. 아래 세션장별 링크 클릭

3. 첨부된 프로그램 팜플렛 PDF에서 발표제목 클릭


[세션장별 접속ID 및 링크]

Grand Ballroom

853 2850 0206

Blue hall

852 7003 6594


828 7537 7848

Conference hall

876 6977 0856


871 9098 8460


[ZOOM 입장 비밀번호]

등록을 완료하신 분들께 이메일과 등록하신 핸드폰 번호로 개별발송됩니다.

현장참여자 분들은 현장에서 안내 드립니다.


[온라인 세션 운영 유의사항]

- 온라인 발표자는 15분전 해당 세션에 접속해주세요

- 모든 발표자는(포스터발표 포함) ZOOM에서 화면공유는 본인이 합니다.

- 현장 발표자는 해당 세션 전 쉬는시간에 PPT자료를 미리 바탕화면에 깔아주세요.

- QnA는 채팅창에 입력해주시거나, ZOOM의 손들기 기능을 이용해주세요. 


금번 학술대회는 강릉 탑스텐 호텔에서 오프라인으로 진행되며, 동시에 ZOOM을 통해 송출 예정입니다.

발표장 입장이 제한될수 있습니다.(COVID-19로 인한 인원제한)

현장에서는 방역수칙을 철저히 따르고 안전을 기하며 학회를 진행할 예정입니다.

KSIAM conference will be held at Gangneung TopsTen Hotel on site.

It will be sent out through ZOOM for online participants.

Admission to the presentation hall could be restricted (Due to COVID-19)
We will follow the regulations for prevention with careful management.

온라인 참여 Participating Online

1) 사전결제를 완료하셔야 안내링크 및 커피쿠폰이 발송됩니다.

2) 온라인 발표시, ZOOM을 통해 실시간으로 진행됩니다.

3) 학회 등록 영수증은 이메일로 송부드릴 예정입니다.

1) Information link and coffee coupon will be sent only when pre-payment is completed.

2) For online presentation, present online using ZOOM.

3) The registration receipt for the conference will be sent by e-mail.

포스터 세션 Poster Session

1) ZOOM을 통한 온라인 발표로 진행되며(발표자료: 포스터 PDF) 발표시간은 5분입니다.

2) 심사를 위해, 6월 15일(화)까지 사무국(으로 최종 PDF파일을 제출해주세요.

3) 기존에는 현장에  포스터 전시를 하기로 하였으나, 코로나19의 확산방지를 위하여, 전시를 하지 않기로 하였습니다.

1) Online presentation is held through ZOOM. (Presentation : Poster PDF) Presentation time is 5 minutes.

2) For review, please submit the final PDF file to the secretariat ( by June 15(Tues).

3) To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have decided NOT to exhibit.

영수증 발급 Receipts

카드전표는 결제후 이메일로 송부됩니다. (스팸메일함도 확인해주세요)

The credit card slip will be sent by e-mail after payment. (Please also check your spam folder)

Registration Fee Information

Abstract Submission Due May. 28th

Early Registration Due Jun, 4th

Registration for On-line Participation Due Jun, 23th

Early Registration Fee
Due Jun, 4th
Regular Registration Fee
Regular Member with Annual Membership
Regular Member

Regular Member with 2 Nights Accommodation (June 25, 26th)

- Effective when payment is completed -

Student Member with Annual Membership170,000
Non-Research Fund (on-site only)

Regular Member 100,000
Students 50,000
Regular Member with 2 Nights Accommodation 옵션으로 학회를 통한 예약은 마감되었습니다.

* 숙소가 거의 찼으니, 서둘러 예약 바랍니다. (타사이트를 통한 개별 예약은 가능합니다.)